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The World Most Effective Arabic Language Learning Tool

“Finally, Now You Can Learn ARABIC as Naturally as a Native Speaker…Even when No One Around You Speaks a Word of Arabic!

Do you want to work in an Arabic-speaking country? Advance in your job? Marry an Arabic-speaking partner? Raise your kids to speak Arabic to recapture their heritage or position them for a future where Arabic will be a useful language to know? Or do you just want the satisfaction of knowing one of the world’s oldest languages?

Whatever your reasons for wanting to learn Arabic, now you can learn it EFFORTLESSLY in just minutes a day. With no textbooks, no grammar drills, no memorization, no classes, and no flashcards, you can actually learn to speak a language like a native speaker! How is this possible? By tapping into the secrets of natural language acquisition, you will bypass the conscious memory and directly program the language centers of your brain.

Introducing The Arabian Sinbad Program

Arabian Sinbad is a unique Arabic Learning product that is easy and fun to use because it is entirely passive. By just watching and listening to entertaining videos, you’ll absorb the language naturally, as effortlessly as children do when learning their own native language.

The language centers in your brain will automatically trigger the speech centers so that what you observe becomes spoken. Your spoken language will have more accurate pronunciation and greater natural fluidity than you would ever be able to accomplish through months of memorization and doing old-fashioned grammar drills.

This program is the result of years of research—in collaboration with educators, linguists, and language specialists—on how to best introduce non-Arabic speakers to this rich language.

Discover The Arabian Sinbad Difference

  • Learn Arabic the EASY WAY, at your own PACE while having FUN.
  • Learn Arabic FAST in much less TIME than old school methods of learning.
  • Reduce the COST of learning Arabic.
  • No need to look for Arabic-speaking teachers.
  • No need not know Arabic yourself to help your kids learn Arabic.
  • benefit from The Arabian Sinbad's cutting edge research and professional programming in modern language learning techniques.

Arabian Sinbad Is Quickly Evolving Into The World's BEST SELLING Arabic Learning Tool

The Arabian Sinbad was born out of a dire need to provide better quality material for teaching Arabic, which has been sorely lacking in the market compared with other international languages. That is why the Arabian Sinbad team is dedicated to developing this program as the leading brand for teaching Arabic worldwide.

Many products are being designed to make this a proven reality, and hopefully will be released in the near future with the support of our clients and people like you.

The Arabian Sinbad Deluxe package is the premiere product designed to be the launch pad of the Arabian Sinbad brand. We were happy and encouraged at the feedback we always get from our customers on the effectiveness of Arabian Sinbad Arabic learning Method. 

Here are a few samples of selected clips of the Arabian Sinbad videos:

 Users of the Program Will be Speaking Before You Know It…

Because Arabian Sinbad uses the Entertainment Immersion Method®, which engages a child’s natural love of play and learning through repetition.

Children get very attached to the lovable cartoon characters starred by “Sinbad” who is the series “teacher”, and his 23 other friend. Sinbad invites the viewers to join him in his journey as they learn the language along with enjoying all of Sinbad adventures, which span everyday activities.

The entire video series is spoken by native speakers, and words are presented and repeated at in calculated ways to ensure maximum exposure, all while maintaining the integrity of the drama and the story. The words and phrases presented in the series are chosen so that they provide the essential building blocks for language acquisition.

How Immersion Learning is implemented using Animation

Arabian Sinbad animation is the result of elaborate and vigilant research so that learning Arabic is considerably easier. The makers took extra efforts to keep this confidential for the welfare of the casual viewer. If the fact were revealed, the immersion factor would definitely get disrupted.
Three separate parts have been amalgamated to form this animation and information about them has been given as follows:

  • The first part is the Main Story. This one stars Sinbad and Zaina, Sinbad’s sister along with twenty other funny characters.
  • The second part consists of Educational Clips. These clips have ZakZak along with the monsters.
  • In the third part you will find The Songs.

Each part has been tailored to meet the requirements of the learners. The curriculum is strengthened further, thanks to these parts. Another important factor to note is that each part works on a separate fragment of your brain. Each part has been elaborated below:


The Main Story

The main story consists of three adventure stories. All of these are about the explorations of Sinbad and his friend. Everything is very easy to comprehend. The entire dialogue consists of five hundred words and these are the same words that used in the entire package. The accent of the dialogue is that of standard Arabic. This can be listened to with ease and each word and letter can be made out distinctly and understood.

The Songs

Songs have been incorporated in all the episodes so that the words, concepts, and structures are easier to understand. The integration of all the songs is seamless and the viewer will not find any disruptions or distractions from the main story. The songs are no longer than one minute. They have been kept so short so that they can be remembered without problems and repeated a number of times in order to learn them..

The Educational Clips

Many clips have also been assimilated into the story along with the songs. These reinforce the concepts even more. The clips are funny and revolve around the parrot named ZakZak and a funny creature that happens to be his rival. The latter keeps trying to get closer to ZakZak and be his friend. However, that scares the parrot and he keeps fleeing. The clips have also been kept short just like the songs so that they can be grasped easily and remembered without any difficulties.

This program is by far the best that I have seen, particularly for teaching Arabic to children. It is clearly designed for children, using Modern Standard Arabic, a variety appropriate for instruction all over the Arab world and outside of it. It is pedagogically sound and attractive to young children....The DVDs are well designed, have good quality animation and music and best of all, they have an interesting storyline that kids can follow with interest
Prof. Mahdi Alosh,
Professor of Arabic and Applied Linguistics and Associate Dean,
United States Military Academy,
West Point, NY

Oral proficiency tester of Arabic
certified by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL)

"... The content, production and diverse media application places Arabian Sinbad in the forefront of leading professional Arabic teaching tools. Although it does not claim to be a curriculum or a textbook, the program can be adapted for teaching beginning Arabic in early age environment... However, I could not block my mind and stop thinking how exciting such a program could be for college undergraduates, and even graduate students...It is obvious that the program is backed by sound pedagogical philosophy and knowledge of teaching Arabic as a foreign language..."

Dr. Muhammad Eissa,
Professor at Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations,
University of Chicago

"... I am absolutely thrilled with Arabian Sinbad! ... My students were amazed at how much they could understand! The vignettes on each DVD build the language piece by piece, and the quality of the images, sound and music are excellent... I am so pleased that these materials have been created, and I am very impressed with the high quality of this program..., and I recommend these materials for home and school use, at any level, without reservation."

E.G. Croddy
World Language Department
Rampart High School
National School of Excellence
Colorado Springs, CO

Here are samples of some of our customers' experience with Arabian Sinbad

The Deluxe Package

The Deluxe Package contains the full set of products that collectively provide an exciting immersive Arabic language learning experience.

In the 7 hours of fun animation, Sinbad embarks on numerous adventures with his sister Zaina and his pet parrot Zakzak and 21 other characters while seamlessly introducing basic language functions in various situations with lots of Arabic vocabulary, Arabic language concepts, and structures.

The items included in the Arabian Sinbad package are:

  • 10 DVDs
  • Illustrated Dictionary
  • Theater Role-Play Book    
  • Sing-A-long CD
  • Fun Activity Book     
  • Theater Cards
  • Alphabet Poster
  • PC/Mac Game
  • Play & Think Book
  • Flash Cards

The Deluxe Package Components

Animation DVD's

A young sailor along with more than 23 other cute and adorable cartoon characters with a perfect classical Arabic accent and a love for treasures and adventures teaches young children through the "Immersion and Repetition" method.

Viewers will quickly make direct mental, visual and audible connections between what they see and what they hear. When the viewers watch the beautiful animation episodes again and again, the 500 words used in the animation dialogue would sink in their language center in no time, along with the perfect accent and the associated settings that set them on the right track to learning Arabic easily without trouble.

The subtitles are provided so that non-Arabic speaking parents, teachers, or language facilitators can follow along even if they do not understand a single word of Arabic.



Learning Arabic Animation Cartoon DVDs

Sing-A-long Audio CD

Songs are indispensable for learning languages. Lovely tunes make it easy for the language center in the human brain to memorize the words, the accent, and the associated emotional settings.

Arabian Sinbad Sing-Along CD contains more than twenty five lovely easy-to-memorize songs that are designed to help memorize lots of Arabic words and phrases. It contains songs from different environments, situations, an concepts such as weekdays, colors, family, shapes, seasons and animals.

 Learning Arabic sing-a-long CD songs

Dictionary Book & DVD

Through lovely animation, it focuses on Arabic 500 words in a perfect Arabic accent. The purpose of this product is to build your Arabic word power without much effort. It is guaranteed to help you memorize all the most common 500 words along with their accent and meaning. Subtitles are provided for the parent, teacher, or language facilitator who might not know Arabic.Include the case:
♦ 60 minutes of animation
♦ Illustrated dictionary with 500 words.

Learning Arabic Dictionary, 500 word vocabulary

CD-ROM Games

Arabian Sinbad CD-ROM game is part of the Arabian Sinbad Arabic learning Experience. The games provided help reinforce understanding of the words, the phrases, the language constructs and concepts introduced in the Arabian Sinbad animation program.

It is an exercise program in the disguise of games. The user will be challenged in the game to test his understanding of Arabic. The game consists of 6 different modules:

The game instruction is written in English to help the parent, teacher, or language facilitator guide and test the Arabic knowledge of the child. or the students.


Learning Arabic CD Game

Fun Activities

This amazing book will help the reader (with the aid of the included stickers) create a word/picture association between an activity and its corresponding Arabic word.

It is an indispensable tool to retain what has been taught through the Arabian Sinbad Cartoon series.

Learning Arabic Fun ACTIVITY Books

Play & Think

Play & Think activity book gives the reader the opportunity to color, draw, and solve puzzles all while learning Arabic.

These are fun worksheets to help the child think in Arabic.

Learning Arabic Think & Play Books

Theater Book & Cards

The theater book allows the reader to create a fun filled story role-play using the included interactive dialogue scenarios to make Arabian Sinbad the ultimate Arabic learning experience.

This activity helps the reader build confidence in expressing themselves in Arabic, build creativity in using the proper words by letting the child choose the words to use, and allows children to have a bit of fun, relax, express themselves. This could also be used with Arabian Sinbad songs - to engage movement and dance in the learning process.

The theater box holds cutouts of our treasured Arabian Sinbad's characters to inspire the imagination of the readers as they do story role-play and share the experience with family, friend, and classmates..


Learning Arabic Theater Books & Cards

Flash Cards

There are many benefits of studying with flashcards. 93% of teachers say that flashcards help students learn languages. Flashcards help:
♦ engage active word recall ♦ space learning over time ♦ engage the child's meta-cognitive faculties ♦  allow for a self directed personalized study experience ♦  gauge the learning progress.

We have provided 52 flash cards with the most common words. The cards come with Arabic, English, and transliteration as well.


Learning Arabic Flash Cards

Instruction Manual

The instruction manual is a clear and easy to follow for educators and parents guide to maximize the learning experience of the Arabian Sinbad Deluxe Package.

Learning Arabic Instruction Manual

 The DVD Set

The items included in the Arabian Sinbad DVD Set are:

  • ♦  9 DVDs that includes all the Arabian Sinbad episodes
  • ♦  Sing-A-long CD


The DVD Set & Vocabulary Builder

The items included in the Arabian Sinbad Bundle are:

  • ♦  9 DVDs that includes all the Arabian Sinbad episodes
  • ♦  Sing-A-long CD
  • ♦  Dictionay DVD
  • ♦  Dictionary Book

Why Buy Arabian Sinbad

Did you know that it can take more than 1800 hours to reach professional competency levels, with most of the Arabic language training products on the market today?

Now compare that to 600 hours to reach the same competency level in Spanish.

Arabian Sinbad Bridges the Gap!

To put it simply, Arabian Sinbad makes it easier, cheaper, and faster to learn Arabic!

By taking action now, it will make all the difference!

  • Are you an Arab living in a non-Arabic speaking country? Arabian Sinbad will ensure that your kids stay current, and maintain fluency with the Arabic language.
  • Are you planning on going to an Arabic-speaking country to live and work for an extended time? Arabian Sinbad will help you and your family get familiar with Arabic. It will surely make your stay easier and more enjoyable!
  • Are you a non-Arab Muslim? Arabian Sinbad will surely help you and your family learn and get comfortable with Arabic so you can read and understand the Quran with proper grammar and accent. The younger your kids start on the program, the better and easier for them it is to learn!
  • Are you interested in learning Arabic, but are discouraged by people telling you just how difficult it is? Arabian Sinbad is for you. It will make your entry into learning Arabic easier, stress-free, and painless. Our program is specially designed for adults to learn visually, as much as for children. Arabian Sinbad is used in high schools worldwide, as well as private language learning centers!

Make no mistake!

Arabic is an important global language! More than 350 million people speak Arabic worldwide. And more than 1 billion people around the world are learning Arabic or are interested in learning right now!

The opportunities you open to your children by learning Arabic with great ease, are limitless!


Buying Arabian Sinbad is Risk-Free!

Our Guarantee...

If you are not 100% satisfied, just return the product to us within 30 days of receipt! We will refund your money, no questions asked! You've got nothing to lose, and a whole new world to gain!

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